1hr 05mins
Dir: Francis Searle
Starring: William Lucas and Zena Walker

As an ex-forger tries to go straight, his young daughter is threatened by other criminals

This crime drama features a number of good scenes that were filmed in the sidings at Brentford Docks including some really interesting views of the transhipment shed on the River Brent. Although no locomotives feature plenty of wagons are visible, mainly open planks and box vans.

A goods lorry arrives into the yard at Brentford Docks. Plenty of railway wagons are visible on the left.
A Mk1 Thames Trader pulls up outside the yard office. A siding is prominent in the foreground.
This is a scene packed full of detail for those with an interest in transport heritage and industrial architecture. The view is that of the transhipment shed at Brentford Dock. Railway wagons are being loaded at the goods platform on the left whilst a small cargo boat sits moored in the dock, on the opposite side of which stand more wagons. Note the brick arches across the water which are dappled in sunlight and rippled with reflections from the water. Excellent stuff.
Zena Walker stands in a rail served shed with plenty of railway wagons behind her. This may not be the transhipment shed that is seen above but there is water to her right.
In another hugely interesting view, railway box vans are being unloaded at a wharf
Another view of the goods transhipment shed shows the small loading platform in the background
Goods handlers meet with the traffic foreman in this view from a slightly different angle
In this final view, Patrick Jordan runs alongside a rake of open wagons