1hr 37mins
Dir: Samuel Gallu
Starring: Van Heflin and Heidelinde Weis

A disgraced former CIA agent attempts to bring a Russian defector safely to his former bosses

This British spy thriller was first released in Austria and West Germany in 1967, then in Britain in 1968. The story is based on the 1959 novel Double Agent by Gene Stackelberg (listed in error as Gene Stackleburg in the opening credits). It has a brief sequence filmed at night outside St. Margarets station and a scene at the end that was filmed at London Marylebone. This final sequence is composed of funny shades and odd angles but it is still clear enough to see that Class 115 DMU’s are in attendence.

A No.73 bus passes St Margarets station late at night
Heidelinde Weis and Van Heflin at London Marylebone station with a Class 115 DMU on the left
As Van Heflin leans out of the window of the departing DMU another Class 115 can be seen in the background.