1hr 11mins
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Starring: Edward Everett Horton and Genevieve Tobin

A withdrawn and mild-mannered man is surprised when his reflection in the mirror comes to life

This neat little comedy was rather ahead of its time in its theme and it really is quite amusing. It also features a brief but very rare image of an ex-LBSCR Billinton B4 Class 4-4-0 passing through a station on an express. ‘Wickerswood’ Underground station, meanwhile, was a set, though the interior of the train was a reasonable recreation of a Standard stock car.

Although sadly quite dark, this looks certain to be a B4 Class 4-4-0. The station, however, remains unidentified but it looks like it may have at least six platforms.
The scene on the Underground used a set, but this is a reasonable recreation of a Standard stock carriage interior