1hr 47mins
Dir: Graham Stark
Starring: Harry H Corbett and Cheryl Kennedy

A collection of comedy sketches based on the seven deadly sins

This comedy comprises a sequence of seven sketches, each representing a sin, all written by an array of British comedy-writing talent. Probably everyone who was famous in late-1960s British comedy took part, with the result being a wonderful star-studded cast. The sketches are linked by animation sequences and the fourth sketch, Lust, is more or less a one man play with Harry H Corbett taking the part of the rather sad Ambrose Twombly, ‘the fastest lighter on the Bakerloo’. It is largely filmed on the London Underground but despite the character reference, ii was shot somewhere on the Central Line with 1959-built tube stock. The characters above appeared in the Lust segment which, along with the fifth sketch Pride, had originally been television plays in the 1961 series Comedy Playhouse.

A 1959-built train on a Central Line service to Redbridge arrives at an as yet unidentified station. The London Underground sign on the right hand wall is just too small to make out the wording.