1hr 32mins
Dir: Alexander Mackendrick
Starring: Paul Douglas and Alex Mackenzie

An American businessman is conned into shipping a valuable load of cargo to a Scottish island via an old ‘Clyde Puffer’

This comedy about a Clyde Puffer boat was inspired by Neil Munro’s short stories of the Vital Spark and her captain, Para Handy. It has lots of scenes filmed on the Clyde and buses and trams can be seen crossing Glasgow Bridge in the background of several views. However, there is only one clear glimpse of a tram, as the rest merge with the other traffic amidst the background haze. As an aside, there is one comedy scene where the boat gets marooned on the Clyde after grounding on the underground railway tunnel below the river!

This is the only clear glimpse of a Glasgow Corporation tram, and it is all too brief. It can be seen crossing Glasgow Bridge in the top right hand corner of the frame.