1hr 12mins
Dir: Anthony Asquith
Starring: Clifford Mollison and Joan Wyndham

A footballer loses a winning lottery ticket and must regain it before time runs out on him cashing it in

This fairly undistinguished sporting comedy features two shots of passing LMS expresses, one hauled by a ‘Royal Scot’ Class 6P 4-6-0, and one by a former LNWR 4-4-0. There is also an additional view of a Pullman train as seen from an aircraft, but little can be discerned.

An express is about to pass over-the-camera headed by a ‘Royal Scot’
Although the exact identity of this locomotive is unclear, the two tracks to the right are 4th rail electrified so this is somewhere south of Watford on the West Coast main line. Therefore, the locomotive is probably of LNWR origin, maybe a ‘Precursor’ 4-4-0.
This is the aerial view of a Pullman train, unusual perhaps, but it offers little else of note