1hr 28mins
Dir: Herbert Wise
Starring: Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox

An awkward British bank clerk’s girlfriend wants to wait until they are married

This big-screen version of the TV sit-com about the ups-and-downs of a young courting couple’s relationship is now largely forgotten, but is delightfully charming and easy-going. It features a fairly lengthy scene of football supporters at a railway station about to board a train for an away fixture. Although the film was largely shot in Manchester the station that features is Windsor and Eton Central, though no trains are visible. It should be noted that several sources have stated the ‘old’ Manchester Victoria was used for this scene and this was probably born about by the glimpse of a timetable for departing trains from Manchester Victoria seen as a prop on a wall in one shot.

These Manchester United fans are a bit off the beaten track. This is Windsor & Eton Central station.
Richard Beckinsale joins the queue to board the train, in a view that is just to the left of the above shot
Having decided that a girl might be a better bet than football (in my experience both are as bad as each other!) Richard Beckinsale walks off in search of Beryl
Richard Beckinsale and Beryl (Paula Wilcox) walk off together. Notice the ‘prop’ timetable behind stating ‘Manchester Victoria Train Departures’. Could it be this that has caused confusion over the years?