1hr 36mins
Dir: Robert Hamer
Starring: John Mills and Elizabeth Sellars

After a long jail term for a crime he did not commit, a man is torn between revenge or making a new life for himself

Based on the 1951 novel of the same name by Howard Clewes, this bleak film noir features some early scenes at London Waterloo station. Trains are visible in these establishing shots but the only locomotive is an unrebuilt Bulleid ‘Pacific’ ‘on the blocks’. There are some later scenes on the concourse of the station, as well as a scene on the platform of the Waterloo & City Line with Elizabeth Sellars attempting to throw herself under an arriving Class 487 unit. There is also a brief scene with John Mills at Holborn on the London Underground with a train of 1923-built ‘Standard’ stock arriving. The film sees John Mills living on a disused barge in the Medway Estuary around Stangate Creek and Iwade and in a couple of scenes an old grounded compartment coach is in use as a residence.

Waterloo station and a Bulleid pacific is at the buffer stops. It is possibly a Merchant Navy judging by the nameplate. The rake of Pullman stock in the background is of interest too.
John Mills exits the platform at Waterloo and gives his ticket to the clippy
John Mills on the platform at Holborn with a train of 1923-built Standard stock
Packed benches at Waterloo as people wait for their trains
Elizabeth Sellars on the Waterloo & City Line platforms at Waterloo
Who is saved from her suicide attempt as a Class 487 clatters into the platform
Much was filmed around the Medway estuary and this diminutive grounded coach forms part of the ‘settlement’ where John Mills lives.
And in a close up view at night one sees that the carriage still displays its 3rd class designation!