1hr 36mins
Dir: George Frend
Starring: Jack Hawkins and Dorothy Alison

A Scotland Yard superintendent investigates a series of robberies

This crime film involves some railway scenes that include a night journey sequence filmed on the Western Region. The train arrives at ‘Birmingham’ and both Jack Hawkins and John Stratton leave the train to make a phone call. This was in fact Windsor & Eton Central, and there are some early daytime shots filmed here also. Finally, there is a good daytime shot of a BR Standard Class 7MT ‘Britannia’ 4-6-2 bringing an express down Camden Bank on its way into London Euston, and an indistinct shot of a steam locomotive passing Royal Festival Hall at night.

This excellent shot from Granby Terrace Bridge shows a BR ‘Britannia’ on the last leg of its journey into London. The sign on the wall gives away the location and it is still there today, though of a different style. It reads ‘Euston 306 yards’. Note the electrified Watford DC Lines in the foreground.
John Stratton and Jack Hawkins at Windsor & Eton Central
Jack Hawkins walks towards the occupied phone booth at Windsor & Eton Central
An impatient John Stratton waits for the train to leave. The coaching stock is Western Region (as denoted by the W prefixes to the number) whilst the vertical destination board ‘in the bin’ on the right gives the locations of Crewe and Stafford. The board that is in use and pointing to the train gives details of a ‘Leamington Spa, Banbury & London Express’. This is Windsor and Eton Central again, the signboards are a prop.
A steam-hauled service passes over the streets close to the Royal Festival Hall. This is looking south west along Belvedere Road in the rain, and the viaduct arches carry the South Eastern main line on its way between Hungerford Bridge and Waterloo East. Thanks to reelstreets for the screen captures.