1hr 44mins
Dir: Tony Richardson
Starring: Tom Courtenay and Michael Redgrave

A young offender takes part in a long distance race which gives him a chance to think back on his life

This coming-of-age drama is based on the short story of the same name by Alan Sillitoe, which was published in 1959. One scene depicts Tom Courtenay and his friends walking and talking on a hillside on the western edge of Whyteleafe Recreation Ground and a BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T passes below on a local passenger train. In the next scene, the characters have wandered five minutes across to the northern edge of Riddlesdown Quarry with a view overlooking Riddlesdown Viaduct. There is also a later scene that is filmed at a station at night, with the characters boarding a train for ‘Skegness’ that is hauled by a 2-6-4 tank engine. It is not known exactly where this scene was filmed, but it has been suggested that it could be the former Dalston Junction.

This is part of Whyteleafe Recreation Ground with the Oxted Line running on the embankment at the foot of the hill. The Standard 4 tank loco is just about to cross the bridge that leads into Maple Road.
Meanwhile, this view into the valley shows Riddlesdown Viaduct crossing over Riddlesdown Quarry
Tom Courtenay and Topsy Jane walk into the booking hall of an unknown station, having alighted from the bus that is standing outside
The group of friends hurry down the stairs to catch their train. The ironwork of the handrails and the distinctive window at the top are details that could help identify the station. It has been suggested that it could be Dalston Junction.
Down on the platform now, just in time for the arrival of the train. The locomotive passing out of shot on the left appears to be a 2-6-4 tank of Fowler or Hughes origin running bunker first.