1hr 45mins
Dir: Jack Cardiff
Starring: Rod Taylor and Trevor Howard

A former war hero enlisted by the secret service hires a private assassin to do his work for him

This comedy thriller is based on The Liquidator, the first of a series of Boysie Oakes novels by John Gardner, published in 1964. It includes a couple of dramatic scenes at a London Underground station whereby an assassin carries out his killing. This was filmed at Bank on the Waterloo & City Line and there are shots of Class 487 EMU’s.

This is platform 7 at Bank, on the Waterloo & City Line. If it wasn’t for the Class 487 arriving into the platform though I would have said that this was a set. The train is also coming into the platform with its tail lights on (the scene was probably filmed on a Sunday when the line was closed with the train provided for the purposes of filming and all the ‘passengers’ formed of extras).
. Lets not forget that the Waterloo & City line was part of BR’s Southern Region at the time so it would not have looked like your average Underground station but even so, this looks so much like a set its hard to believe that it is the real thing.
Everybody has swapped platforms now for the train is departing from Bank’s platform 8. The rear two vehicles of the Class 487 were S54 and S72.