1hr 21mins
Dir: Charles Crichton
Starring: Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway

A timid bank transfer clerk schemes to get back at his employer, the Bank of England, by masterminding a foolproof heist

This classic Ealing comedy has a deservedly high reputation. The film includes a shot of a London tram crossing Westminster Bridge at night, but the scene filmed onboard the London Underground is a studio re-creation. There is also a police chase that uses stock footage from the 1950 film The Blue Lamp, which includes the shot of Hythe Road NW10 and Mitre Bridge signal box on the West London Line (qv).

A London tram crosses Westminster Bridge
This is Hythe Road NW10, and Mitre Bridge signal box is visible on the bridge in the background. This shot was originally filmed for The Blue Lamp, released the previous year.