1hr 15mins
Dir: Roy Kellino
Starring: Niall MacGinnis and Kay Walsh

A skipper’s daughter falls for a humble fisherman rescued by her father

This drama is largely centred on Grimsby and the North Sea trawler fleet and it features a three-quarters rear view shot taken from ground level of a fish train leaving Grimsby docks behind LNER K3 Class 2-6-0 No.206. As it transpires this is a rare image indeed because the loco was rebuilt by Edward Thompson in 1945 from a three-cylinder Class K3 to become the sole member of the two-cylinder LNER Class K5. Just prior to this shot there are a couple of images of four-wheel vans being loaded with the days fresh catch.

A fish train can be seen standing at the goods platform in the background of this very busy scene at Grimbsy docks
Although we do not get to see more of the locomotive than this, No.206 is none the less a rare beast to have captured on film. The LNER K3 Class 2-6-0 was rebuilt into the sole K5 in 1945.