2hrs 14mins
Dir: Carol Reed
Starring: Trevor Howard and Sophia Loren

During World War II, an American salvage tug captain becomes involved with a beautiful Swiss-Italian woman after being given the key to a flat

This war film is set in 1941 during the Battle of the Atlantic and it was based on the 1951 novel Stella by Jan de Hartog (later republished as The Distant Shore and The Key). At the end of the film there are some excellent night scenes shot at the original Henley-on-Thames station, with a train pulling out, and an excellent view of ex-GWR ‘Hall’ Class 4-6-0 No.4965 Rood Ashton Hall running out tender first having been shunt released. The loco is now happily preserved. Meanwhile, the docks in the film used Portland Harbour, and in the opening shots an industrial saddle tank can be seen in the distance propelling wagons on the dockside. In another scene towards the end there is a better glimpse of a diminutive saddle tank loco in the background, possibly the same one seen at the beginning.

This is Portland Harbour, and a saddle tank can be seen shunting a short rake of wagons in the right hand distance
In this later scene, a small saddle tank is visible immediately to the left of William Holden
The same locomotive is captured to the right of this shot, among the background paraphernalia behind Sophia Loren
This is Henley-on-Thames with a train about to depart. The tender of an ex-GWR ‘Hall’ is on the right.
The ‘Hall’ captured in closeup
William Holden has missed the train carrying ‘his gal’. The ‘Hall’ steams angrily in the background awaiting the ‘right away’. Note the headlight attached to the back of the tender.
The departing train moves off into the distance. This is a lovely night-time study of the old Henley-on-Thames station.
In this beautiful portrayal of a station at night, the ‘Hall’ moves off past the camera, running tender first. Its identity is revealed to be none other than No.4965 Rood Ashton Hall, a loco now preserved.
William Holden and Kieron Moore walk down the platform of a now deserted Henley station