1hr 34mins
Dir: Terence Young
Starring: Michael Caine and Robert Powell

A British traitor in Moscow returns home as a double agent

This espionage film was based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Dorothea Bennett and was inspired by the story of Kim Philby. It features a shot outside Clandon station on the Effingham Junction – Guildford line with a Class 423 4 VEP EMU arriving in the background. There is also a night scene on the bank of the River Thames with Hungerford Bridge in the background. An EMU passes across but it is too dark to otherwise discern.

Clandon station in Surrey. The name West Clandon is sometimes used in error as the station is located in the village of that name, and though it was for a while known as Clandon & Ripley, it is otherwise plain Clandon.
In this view of the station a 4 VEP is in the platform