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1hr 37mins
Dir: Oliver Parker
Starring: Colin Firth and Rupert Everett

Two friends use the same pseudonym which causes confusion

This romantic comedy drama is based on Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy of manners play of the same name. It includes a low-level run by on the Bluebell Railway of ex-SECR Class O1 0-6-0 No.65 at the head of a train and a brief dream sequence filmed at Horsted Keynes station. Some additional railway footage was shot for the film but then cut from the completed movie. This included a scene where former BR Chairman Sir Peter Parker played a station porter helping Judi Dench get off the train. This was only a short while before his death. This cameo appearance of Mr Parker can be viewed on the additional scene featurettes available on the DVD, along with some good shots of the O1 and some footage of Judi Dench being interviewed on Platform 3 of Horsted Keynes station.

This is the only railway scene in the completed movie and it appears less than three minutes in! SECR Class O1 0-6-0 No.65 is hauling the Chesham rake.
The O1 forms a suitable backdrop as Oliver Parker explains to the camera some aspects about the making of the film.