1hr 55mins
Dir: Otto Preminger
Starring: Richard Attenborough and John Gielgud

A spy in the Foreign Office allows a colleague to be suspected as a mole

This spy thriller is based on the 1978 Graham Greene novel of the same name and features a shot of a commuter train arriving at Berkhamsted station formed of Class 310 EMU No.310066. There then follow some scenes outside the station.

Passengers disembark from a Class 310 EMU at Berkhamsted station. Vehicle number 76200 identifies this as unit 310066.
After showing his season ticket, Nicol Williamson (centre) descends from the platform. Berkhamsted station looking south.
Having collected his bicycle, Nicol Williamson heads past the entrance to the booking office…
…and heads for home. Looking towards Lower Kings Road from the station car park.