The Horses Mouth poster US.jpg

1hr 37mins
Dir: Ronald Neame
Starring: Alec Guinness and Kay Walsh

A broke but dedicated painter searches for the perfect realization of his artistic vision

This Technicolor comedy, with stellar performances from both Guinness and Walsh, was based on the 1944 play of the same name by Joyce Cary. The opening scenes are filmed in the East Acton area, on Du Cane Road outside HMP Wormwood Scrubs and in Wulfstan Road. In a number of shots Central Line trains formed of 1923 Standard stock are visible passing on the embankment behind but they are largely obscured.

Mike Morgan cycling down Du Cane Road as a Central Line train passes in the background
In this view looking down Du Cnae Road the Central Line train can be seen behind Mike Morgan’s head on the right. It is quite clear when watching the film because you can see it moving along in the background!
This is the clearest shot of the lot. Looking down Wulfstan Road and a Central Line train is on the embankment behind the policeman.