Blog Archive » Janet Munro – The Horsemasters 1961 Disney

1hr 30mins
Dir: William Fairchild
Starring: Janet Munro and Donald Pleasence

A 16-week course in horsemanship has a group of students learning the finer points of sportsmanship, jumping, dressage and riding

The Horsemasters was a two-part episode of the Disneyland TV show from 1961 which screened as a theatrical release in some countries. It was shot on location in England and it features excellent opening colour scenes filmed at Baynards station on the Guildford-Christ’s Hospital line, with a push-pull train arriving behind ex-SR M7 Class 0-4-4T No.30124. The station is masquerading as ‘Valleywood’. The feature length drama was based on the 1957 Don Stanford novel of the same name.

No not Valleywood, but Baynards station in Surrey
The train arrives hauled by M7 0-4-4T No.30124
And in this view the loco is framed between Tommy Kirk and Joe the Stationmaster
As Tommy Kirk and Millicent Martin walk down the platform the guard waves the train away in the background