The Hi-Jackers - Wikipedia

1hr 09mins
Dir: Jim O’Connolly
Starring: Anthony Booth and Jacqueline Ellis

A long-distance lorry driver and his girlfriend track down the gang who stole his lorry

This nice little crime thriller has some very good scenes shot on Southall station with some equally good views of passing Class 117 DMUs. DMS vehicle number 51415 is visible in one shot. There is an interesting parody in these scenes whereby the lead actors play out the ‘grit-in-the-eye’ scene from Brief Encounter only this time with the roles reversed so that Jacqueline Ellis removes the grit from the eye of Anthony Booth who even states that he could have lost his eye! Embarrassingly, the digital remastering of the movie sees HST sound effects placed over those of the DMUs thirteen years before they were introduced! It is not the only anomaly either. The station announcer states that the next train to Paddington will be from platform 3 when it should be either 2 or 4. One point of note here though is that when the couple board the train everyone is watching the platform cameraman, seemingly awestruck at the fact that two filmstars have just boarded their carriage!

Jacqueline Ellis and Tony Booth walk down to the platform at Southall. This is the island platform, with No.2 on the left and platform 3 on the right. A Class 117 is departing on headcode 2A70, the rear vehicle of which is No.51415. Notice the 3 and 6 Car stop boards for the drivers of the DMU’s.
Tony Booth checks his watch as the pair await the next train to London. Platform 1 is on the far left.
Looking in the opposite direction as Tony Booth rubs his injured shoulder, platform 4 is now on the far left
A formation of Class 117 DMU’s speeds through Southall on the down fast line, probably running empty due to the lack of headcode and destination on the window blind. Note the wagons standing in the yard beyond.
At that exact moment another set heads towards London in the opposite direction whilst working headcode 2A52. Lovely stuff.