1hr 01mins
Dir: David Eady
Starring: David Hemmings and Earl Cameron

A murder suspect on the run must depend on strangers to help clear his name

This low-budget crime thriller cleverly mixes a Boy’s Own adventure story with social realism, and features a 16-year old David Hemmings in one of his first film roles. He befriends a Trinidadian dock worker played by Earl Cameron, one of Britain’s finest black actors, on the run in this film from a crime he didn’t commit. It features some shots of arriving boat trains at London Waterloo station, one composed of carmine and cream-liveried Mk1’s, and the other of Southern stock. Both are probably taken from Newsreel footage, and no locos are seen.

An Ocean Liner Express at London Waterloo
West Indians disembark at Waterloo from a train formed of BR Mk.1 stock
And in this scene, the arriving hoards are getting their luggage from the baggage car, in this case a Southern Railway CCT.