1hr 04mins
Dir: Henry Cass
Starring: Ronald Leigh-Hunt and Derek Bond

A police inspector follows the trail and circumstances of the murder of a one-handed man back to a prisoner of war camp in Burma

This crime horror has a handful of out-dated stock shots that appear in the following order – a night shot of a tram crossing Westminster Bridge, even though the last one ran in 1952; a streamlined ‘Coronation’ pacific passing through Carnforth in a scene filmed for Brief Encounter (1945); a darkened image of Bulleid light pacific No.34025 Whimple passing Berrylands that originally appeared in The Oracle (1953); and a rather indistinct image of an express passing at night as seen first in Stop Press Girl (1949).

The cluster of lights to the left of this classic shot is a tram crossing Westminster Bridge
Just how many times have we seen this shot? A streamlined ‘Coronation’ pacific passes through Carnforth in this scene from David Lean’s Brief Encounter.
This shot shows Bulleid ‘West Country’ Class light pacific No.34025 Whimple passing Berrylands on a down express. A clearer image can be seen in The Oracle (1953) – which see.
This shot of an approaching express can also be found in Stop Press Girl (1949)