The Goose Steps Out - Wikipedia

1hr 19mins
Dirs: Will Hay and Basil Dearden
Starring: Will Hay and Charles Hawtrey

An incompetent teacher is sent into Nazi Germany to steal a secret weapon

The climax to this comedy features a barnstorming plane ride that includes a short flight along a railway line, in this case what looks to be the ex-LSWR main line. The plane, through some clever editing with a model and the use of back-projection, narrowly avoids a collision with an express that appears to be hauled by a ‘Lord Nelson’ Class 4-6-0. Moments after this, there is a very brief glimpse of a much older 4-4-0 design on a passenger service.

The model Luftwaffe aircraft flies along the railway line almost at ground level!
Before flying over this rather distinctive junction layout
The terrified crew in the aircraft look out of the cockpit to see this express train bearing down on them
And this closer view shows that the loco appears to be a ‘Lord Nelson’ 4-6-0 and that the shot is reversed. The number on the bufferbeam is largely obscured by steam, but might be 854 Howard of Effingham.
As the plane rises to avoid a collision the location has changed completely, as has the train. The latter is just about visible on the right and appears to be a local passenger service hauled by a 4-4-0 locomotive.