1hr 24mins
Dir: Cary Parker
Starring: John Gordon Sinclair and Irina Brook

An established Glaswegian photographer breaks up from his girlfriend only to have second thoughts about the decision

This rather sweet romantic comedy was set on location in Glasgow and there are some glimpses of Class 303 EMU’s passing the bottom of a road, plus a semi-distant shot of one crossing the River Clyde outside Glasgow Central station.

This is one of several similar shots that appear throughout the film showing a Class 303 EMU passing through the suburbs. The exact location is not yet known. Although the Strathclyde PTE livery is orange and black, it was officially referred to as Strathclyde ‘red’ by the authorities.
A Class 303 forms part of the background in this shot of John Gordon Sinclair
Another Class 303, slightly closer this time and in the rain
Slightly less clear is this Class 303 crossing the River Clyde bridge and glimpsed through the girders above John Gordon Sinclair’s head