THE GHOUL (2016)

1hr 25mins
Dir: Gareth Tunley
Starring: Rufus Jones and Alice Lowe

A detective decides to go undercover to investigate a psychotherapist who, he thinks, is responsible for a murder

This crime thriller quickly descends into a slow, dark, and endless psychological journey into the hallucinatory world of existential despair, making it not an easy film to watch. The film features a good number of trains passing through the landscape at night, but these remain largely unidentified. There is, however, a short daytime sequence that involves Tom Meeten taking a train journey, This opens with a good shot of a Class 379 EMU crossing Beck Road in Hackney, followed by scenes of Tom Meeten onboard a train and then alighting at an unknown station.

Trains passing through the night are a distinct theme in this film. The trains, however, remain unidentifiable.
The red tail lights highlight the rear of the train in this shot
As a drug deal goes down in the street below, a train passes over the bridge above
This is much clearer. A Class 379 EMU crosses Beck Road in Hackney. A similar view appeared in Alien Autopsy (2006).
Tom Meeten onboard a train as it pulls into a station. Its just a shame that you can’t read the station name board.
I am not sure what train interior this is, nor the station outside the window, which has a much smaller name than that in the shot above