1hr 26mins
Dir: Basil Dearden
Starring: John Mills and Dirk Bogarde

In 1941, two Irish brothers working for the IRA come against their local leader’s ruthless methods

Early into this drama there is a suspenseful scene on the London Underground in which a bomb is timed to go off. This was shot on the Aldwych line platform at Holborn station with 1923 Standard stock in evidence. To add to the suspense there is a close up shot of the station clock counting down with the emphasis placed on its second hand. This is a studio creation though as London Transport clocks on the Underground did not feature second hands. In the film, Holborn station masqueraded as the fictional Camden Road.

Although marked as Camden Road, a station served by the Northern Line, this is in fact the Kingsway entrance to Holborn Underground station, served by both the Central and Piccadilly Lines
Carrying the bomb in a suitcase, Dirk Bogarde heads down the escalators towards the Piccadilly Line
Platform 5 at Holborn station with a Standard Stock train approaching displaying marker lights for Wood Green or Uxbridge (Piccadilly Line) or Leytonstone (Central Line). The platform saw shuttle services to Aldwych until 1994 and is now out of use.
John Mills at the end of the platform accompanied by some lovely period signage. The curved NORTHBOUND sign is of particular interest.
Dirk Bogarde runs down a cross passage as the bomb explodes in a tunnel