1hr 27mins
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Starring: Wilfred Pickles and Petula Clark

A miner loves his racing greyhound but, out of town, he finds a dog with a better chance to win

Based on the successful play by Joseph Colton, this comedy was filmed at Southall Studios and there are plenty of scenes shot in and around the local area. In one of these scenes, Wilfred Pickles walks across Dudley Road and in the background an ex-GWR 5700-series 0-6-0PT is shunting some wagons in Southall Gasworks. A remarkably similar shot would later appear in One Jump Ahead (qv), which was released the following year.

Although perhaps it is initially not all that clear, the unmistakable lines of a Pannier Tank can be seen directly above the signboard proclaiming ‘L Lees Veterinary Surgeon’