1hr 31mins
Dir: Peter Cattaneo
Starring: Robert Carlyle and Lesley Sharp

A group of unemployed steelworkers become male strippers

This hugely successful comedy set in Sheffield features several scenes that include the city’s Siemens-built Supertrams. One is passing the Job Centre in West Street and a close look suggests that it could be the last built, No.025. In a later hilltop scene viewed from Mount Road, Parkwood Springs, there is a very distant view of a tram passing through the streets, and towards the end there is a scene filmed on Infirmary Road, at the junction with Barrack Lane, and a tram passes by in the background. The trams are still in their as delivered, uninspiring, white and grey livery.

A Sheffield Supertram rumbles past the Job Centre on West Street. Is the number 005, 015 or 025?
This is Mount Road in Parkwood Springs and in the far distance a tram runs through the streets in the valley below. It is immediately to the left of the running Mark Addy’s arm.
The tram is much clearer in this cropped image
In this view, a tram passes behind Dave Hill as it runs along Infirmary Road