Image result for The Flanagan Boy 1953

1hr 19mins
Dir: Reginald Le Borg
Starring: Barbara Payton and Sidney James

A young boxer becomes romantically involved with the wife of a shady promoter

This film noir features a night shot of a passing ‘train’ and a scene filmed at Denham station in Buckinghamshire with the tail end of a departing local service. The film was based on the 1949 novel The Flanagan Boy by Max Catto and though most versions today seem to use the US title of Bad Blonde, the film was released in the UK as The Flanagan Boy.

Barbara Payton runs towards a railway in a suicidal state of mind
A train approaches. Although probably filmed for this movie it is near impossible to work out just what the locomotive is.
This is a side entrance to platform 2 at Denham station. The underpass to platform 1 is on the left and a beautiful period poster for Stratford-on-Avon is on the wall on the right
A train departs Denham probably for Marylebone. The family look positively frightening!!