1hr 38mins
Dir: Robert Hartford-Davis
Starring: Ann Todd and Patrick Magee

A religiously obsessed young man becomes a serial killer

Early in this horror film there is a very brief glimpse of BR blue-liveried 4 COR EMU’s passing a factory yard in South West London. This is in fact the works behind Twickenham Studios with the railway running between Richmond and St. Margarets stations. A similar view also appeared in the 1973 film White Cargo (qv). There is also a brief glimpse of the frontage to St Margarets station, which is pretty much opposite Twickenham Studios. The film was originally released with a running time of 98 minutes, but the version for the American market was cut to 87 minutes to remove its most graphic content.

The train is passing behind the wall but is partly obscured from view by the lorry
Straight ahead through the window of the car is St Margarets station, Twickenham