Dir: Michael Alexander
Starring: Actors unknown

A man travels to the Isle of Arran to marry his fiancée, only to find that her extended family is part of the package

This almost silent black and white mystery drama is quite horrifying at times and has a gentle guitar soundtrack throughout with barely a word being uttered. The opening two minutes consists of a train journey from Glasgow with our passenger bound for the Isle of Arran. There are scenes onboard a DMU, probably a Class 105, though we do not see any exterior shots.

As the train departs Glasgow Central station our traveller begins his journey. Passengers could conveniently park their cars on the platform in those days.
This appears to be the interior of a Class 105 DMU
This final shot shows our traveller getting off the train. Directly in front are some iron railings and what looks to be water. Could this be Ardrossan Harbour station where the boats to Arran depart?