1hr 13mins
Dir: Reginald Le Borg
Starring: Francesca Annis and Richard Conte

A young orphaned girl with supposed extrasensory perception becomes involved in a murder case

This Anglo-American drama drags its heels a bit, but features quite a few decent shots of Chertsey station at the end. Although no trains feature, some mineral wagons are visible in the goods yard.

This excellent shot of Chertsey station has been taken from Guildford Road level crossing. Note the short platforms which now extend well beyond the Bell Bridge Road bridge in the background.
This is an equally fine view of the main station building at Chertsey
This third view shows the building on the downside of the line in closer detail
This view from the station forecourt is packed with detail. The platforms are visible through the fence and a BR totem sign can be made out attached to the lamp standard. The large sign attached to the fence reads TRAINS for LONDON and STAINES & RICHMOND OVER FOOTBRIDGE. The attractive houses behind are on Guildford Road.
This shot from the entrance to the station shows the goods yard on the opposite side of Guildford Road. Note the mineral wagons behind the policeman and the unusual goods shed in the background. The film was shot in 1964, and the goods yard closed from the 05th October that year. This was on the downside of the line, and the area is now an industrial estate called……Downside!