1hr 15mins
Dir: John Harlow
Starring: David Farrar and Kynaston Reeves

Sexton Blake solves a number of murders in Cornwall

This crime film involving the fictional detective Sexton Blake (played by David Farrar) has a number of railway scenes. There are two shots of GWR main line expresses. One is a ‘going-away’ shot so the loco cannot be identified but the other is hauled by a ‘King’ Class 4-6-0. Sexton Blake’s journey from Cornwall to London at the very end of the film features a stock shot of an unrebuilt LMS ‘Royal Scot’ Class 6P 4-6-0 in the Lune Gorge (!) There is also a scene earlier in the film with David Farrar hailing a taxi at a London station.

The first GWR express is heading away from the camera.
Filmed in the same location as the above shot, this second stock shot shows a GWR express in the hands of a ‘King’.
David Farrar hailing a cab at a London station, said to be Paddington though i’m not so sure.
This is the anachronistic stock shot that ends the film. It shows an unrebuilt ‘Royal Scot’ in the Lune Gorge which has also featured in A Honeymoon Adventure (1931), No Limit (1935), Quiet Wedding (1941), The Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942), Next of Kin (1942), and The Hangman Waits (1947).