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1hr 42mins
Dir: John Irvin
Starring: Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger

A mercenary becomes involved in a plot to overthrow a West African state

This action film is based upon the 1974 novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth and is set in a number of countries. The ‘English’ scenes start with a good shot from the footbridge of the original Liverpool Street station in London prior to its redevelopment and there is a plethora of rolling stock on view. Look carefully and a partially obscured split-box Class 37 is just visible at the bufferstops with Class 306 EMUs in their final few years of operation behind. A mixed rake of parcels stock is in the foreground and Mk1 and Mk2 coaching stock make up the scene. In the background a station announcer can be heard stating that the next train to depart from platform 13 is an express stopping at Rugby, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Sheffield! Liverpool Street of course is the wrong station entirely for these Midland destinations.

A whole host of rolling stock is visible in this overall shot of Liverpool Street. The Class 37 is centre left above the Mk.2 coach in the foreground.
The camera pans round to the front of the station and the Great Eastern Hotel