Image result for The Deaths of Ian Stone 2007

1hr 27mins
Dir: Dario Piana
Starring: Mike Vogel and Christina Cole

A man is murdered each day by horrifying pursuers, only to then wake up in a parallel life each time before being murdered again

This Anglo-American horror features a quite lengthy sequence filmed on London Underground’s Jubilee line, starting at Charing Cross station and continuing aboard 1996-built tube stock (vehicle No.96611 is prominent). Baker Street station signage is visible through the window of one shot, but it remains to be seen just how much took place at other stations, or whether it was all simply carried out with a train shuttling between Green Park and Charing Cross. All the station scenes appear to be filmed at the latter.

Passengers disembark from a 1996-built Jubilee Line train but where are they? This is Charing Cross though the sign visible through the opening door has had the station name blanked out.
As a passenger is thrown off the train we can see that all the station names have been covered up in a vain attempt at continuity
Mike Vogel and Christina Cole onboard a Jubilee Line train. Note in this instance, the Baker Street station sign visible through the window.
Alighting from the train the pair begin to run as Ian Stone (played by Vogel) feels that another horrific death is imminent. This is Charing Cross on the Jubilee Line.
With a shadowy ‘Harvester’ figure on the right, Ian Stone looks for a quick escape. As can be seen, the station signage in this shot has not been covered. It clearly states Charing Cross.
Seeing a train on the opposite platform Ian Stone aims to escape but it departs before he can get to it and he is left to suffer another death. Note the old Jubilee Line route map on the wall on the left.