1hr 12mins
Dir: Alfred Goulding
Starring: Charles Stuart and Joyce Linden

The story of a criminal and his numerous escapes from prison as told to a New York newspaper editor

This forgotten low budget B-movie was in fact based on the career of criminal Stanley Thurston, who appeared in the cast as a character based on himself. Thurston was famous for his numerous escapes from prison, 5 times in 15 years. He was released from prison in October 1946. The film had trouble with the British censors who thought the film glamorised a real life criminal and Thurston had to be billed as “Charles Stuart”. It features quite rare glimpses of Manchester Victoria station, and though no locomotives are seen, a mixed freight is visible beyond the ticket barriers in one shot. A number of sequences were also filmed in Blackpool, yet the only tram we see is a single-deck Brush Railcoach.

A Brush Railcoach passes by in the background of this shot, which is apparently looking out of the now demolished Palatine Hotel at the corner of Hounds Hill in Blackpool
This is a murky shot of the concourse of the old Manchester Victoria station
This somewhat clearer view shows the barrier to platforms 3 and 4 at Manchester Victoria with a mixed goods visible beyond