1hr 16mins
Dir: Walter Summers
Starring: Hugh Williams and Greta Gynt

A scientist commits a series of murders for insurance money, whilst periodically disguising himself as the manager of a blind charity

This crime horror was based on the 1924 Edgar Wallace novel of the same name and was released in the US in 1940 under the title The Human Monster. It has a scene whereby a boat train arrives into London from Southampton, and though the platform scene uses a set, there is a shot of the platforms at London Waterloo with two steam locomotives on view. In addition, there is a stock shot of Southern passenger coaches, yet the aformentioned platform set uses LNER ‘teak-style’ vehicles! There are also some night shots of London trams towards the end of the film, with several appearing to be on Route 34 Chelsea (King’s Road) – Blackfriars services.

A classic view of the platforms at London Waterloo. The locomotive arriving on the left looks like it could be a ‘King Arthur’ Class 4-6-0. The locomotive simmering on the right is more obscured but could be a rare glimpse of an H15 Class 4-6-0.
Southern coaching stock in the platform. I have a strange gut feeling that this is actually Victoria.
This studio-bound set uses mock LNER coaches
From left to right in this London street scene at night we have a bus, a police car, a tram working route 34 and a cyclist
The bus and tram are more distant in this second view
As the police race through the streets they nearly collide head on with this oncoming tram. Again, it appears to be on route 34.