1hr 16mins
Dir: Duncan Wood
Starring: John Le Mesurier and Kenneth Connor

Despite meticulous planning, a Scout troop find themselves entangled in various misadventures before encountering a criminal gang

This musical comedy featured Freddie & The Dreamers playing a scout troop, but it took over two years to get a release at a time when the world moved on very quickly. By this stage, Freddie & The Dreamers had been out of the charts for two years, and musical comedies were beginning to feel old hat. As a result, the film is a poor spectacle but it does feature a scene at the end that was filmed at Bricket Wood station on the Watford Junction-St Albans Abbey branch. However, the scene is played out in the station approach road and other than one good clear shot of the station frontage very little else is seen. This is another film whereby the definite article is often excluded from the title.

Although it plays the part of ‘Puddleton Junction’ this is clearly Bricket Wood, on the St. Albans Abbey branch, a station that regular featured in movies from around this period.