Image result for the Cruel Sea 1953

2hrs 06mins
Dir: Charles Frend
Starring: Jack Hawkins and Denholm Elliott

A film charting the conditions for the crew of a small escort vessel in WWII whilst protecting the Atlantic convoys

This highly regarded war drama was very successful and is still regarded as a very competent piece of cinematography. It was based on the 1951 novel of the same name by Nicholas Monsarrat. The film has a number of scenes shot at the expansive Royal Naval Dockyard at Devonport, Plymouth, and railway lines are visible. In the very opening scene one of the Dockyard’s own industrial saddle tanks passes by in the background hauling a single flat wagon whilst large rail-mounted steam cranes and wagons are present in several other views.

This is Devonport Royal Dockyard and Corvette ‘K49’ awaits its next turn of duty. In reality, this was Flower-class Corvette HMS Coreopsis, the old pennant number K32. Pennant K49 belonged to the former HMS Crocus. Just above the ships stern on the far right is one of the Dockyard’s Saddle Tank shunting locomotives.
In this busy scene one of the Dockyard’s rail-mounted steam cranes stands on the left.