1hr 37mins
Dir: Joseph Losey
Starring: Stanley Baker and Patrick Magee

A recently paroled gangster is sent back to prison after robbing a racetrack, with both the authorities and the criminal underworld looking for the money

This neo-noir crime film was released in the United States as The Concrete Jungle but was, for a while, banned in a number of countries following its realistic portrayal of prison life. It has a scene towards the end that was filmed on a cold and snowy day adjacent to the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal in Southall with the former GWR creosoting yard featuring quite prominently.

This is the Grand Union Canal (Paddington Arm) at Southall. In the background is the GWR creosoting plant at Hayes complete with its piles of wooden sleepers.
In this second view, a single wagon is keeping the cranes company in the frozen yard