1hr 24mins
Dir: John Paddy Carstairs
Starring: Cecil Parker and Lana Morris

Friction is caused at a local by-election by the son of an earl standing as a Labour candidate whose butler is standing as a Tory

This most amusing comedy features a shot of a very, very rare locomotive in the form of ex-GWR 1901 Class 0-6-0ST No.1925 at Denham station, which is masquerading as ‘East Milton’. The loco was withdrawn in 1951 as the last survivor of its class. The film was adapted from William Douglas Home’s 1947 play of the same name.

This is the approach road on the upside of Denham station
Plenty of interest here in this shot of an entrance to the up platform at Denham
Denham station before its rationalisation and subsequent rebuild. Due to subsidence issues, the former down platform in the background was demolished in 2008 still with its building intact, and was replaced by a much simpler structure erected partly on the alignment of the through tracks.
It is a pity that the locomotive is somewhat obscured by the fake East Milton station sign in this shot, but this is lovely none the less. Locomotive No.1925 of 1883-vintage was a former GWR 1901 Class Saddle Tank withdrawn in 1951. It is standing with a single coach in the former Uxbridge bay platform at Denham.
We are treated to some clearer views of the locomotive. Here, as Joyce Carey begins to walk down the platform, we get to see the detail of its open cab.
David Tomlinson, Joyce Carey and Tom Macaulay with No.1925 as a backdrop