Image result for The Case of the Missing Scene 1951 movie

Dir: Don Chaffey
Starring: Ivor Bowyer and Susanne Gibbs

A film crew is sent to Norfolk to make a short film about the bittern, only to catch on camera poachers attempting to shoot the bird

This short crime drama by Children’s Entertainment Films has a good railway scene filmed at an unknown country station. The film was set in and around the fictional Norfolk village of ‘Poldyke’, but the approaching London train has ex-LNER N2/2 Class 0-6-2T No.69499 hauling Gresley Quad-Art stock. This is more at home on the suburban services out of King’s Cross or Moorgate than in Norfolk, suggesting that the station was somewhere in Hertfordshire! Some 16T mineral wagons are visible in the station goods yard and another N2 (695??) is seen passing through the station, as viewed from inside the goods office. Children’s Entertainment Films were part of the Rank Organisation and the forerunner of the Children’s Film Foundation. The entire film is available for viewing on the wonderful East Anglian Film Archive website.

Ivor Bowyer arrives into the station goods road by bicycle
Before propping his bike up against the bufferstops! Note the two open mineral wagons.
N2/2 0-6-2T No.69499 is arriving at the as yet unidentified station
Ivor Bowyer talks to the porter (Sam Kydd). This shot from the platform end shows a small yard in the background. Does that offer any clue as to the location?