Image result for the bridal path 1959

1hr 35mins
Dir: Frank Launder
Starring: Bill Travers and Bernadette O’Farrell

A young Hebridean islander travels to the mainland in search of a wife, only to be mistaken for a criminal

This Technicolor comedy is based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Nigel Tranter and features a delightful shot of a branch line train in the Scottish Highlands hauled by an ex-Caledonian Railway Class 439 0-4-4T. There are also three shots of Bill Travers walking along a railway line, presumably in the surrounding area. I was contacted by Richard Wylie who grew up in the region and believes these scenes were filmed around the West Highland line and the Ballachulish branch from Connel Ferry.

This lovely scene was thankfully shot in colour, and shows a Class 439 0-4-4T on a typical Highland branch train. This is believed to be the Ballachulish branch train with Loch Leven in the background.
Bill Travers decides to follow the railway line and is seen here walking across a small road bridge……
……before leaving the line at an occupation crossing
Bill Travers later returns to the railway and is seen here walking beside a loch in very pleasant surroundings