1hr 17min
Dir: Lance Comfort
Starring: William Lucas and Sonia Dresdel

A violent criminal overpowers his police guard and jumps from a speeding train….

This crime drama may have a story line that has been covered by several films before, whereby a criminal is holed up in a grubby and isolated location, but it is so much more than that. It has some exciting set-pieces, the female characters, unusually, have more importance to the story than usual, and Lucas is exceptional in the lead role as a truly sinister and utterly ruthless character. The very opening shot of this overlooked B-movie shows two Southern Region steam-hauled express trains passing each other at dusk followed by a shot in extreme closeup of passing EMU stock (in daytime!).

Two steam-hauled expresses pass in this opening shot
As the train gets closer we get a glimpse of the loco and it looks like it might just be a Bulleid pacific
The opening scene is followed by this, an extreme closeup of EMU stock on the Southern Region. You can see the third rail in the foreground and the pick-up shoe on the bogie. You can also see that this was filmed in daylight!