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1hr 53mins
Dir: Jim Sheridan
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis and Emily Watson

A former IRA prisoner sets up a non-sectarian boxing club for young boys

The final scenes of this Irish sporting drama were filmed in the container rail yards around Dublin North Wall and among the wagons that are visible, a GM diesel can just be made out in the far background. There is an earlier scene in the same location at night, with a more distinct view of a CIE Class 141/181 diesel on a freight train, and another scene filmed in the buffet at Belfast Central station.

As Daniel Day-Lewis crosses a railway yard at night, a General Motors diesel approaches on a freight. This is presumably North Wall Yard in Dublin.
This may appear to be a random shot of Daniel Day-Lewis but the concourse of Belfast Central station is visible through the window behind him (note the decorative arches of the brick wall)
This is North Wall Container Terminal, Dublin. There is a locomotive present if you know where to look.
I will help you out. A General Motors diesel is visible immediately to the left of the right hand crane leg.
This final shot shows empty container flats awaiting loading