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1hr 25mins
Dir: Basil Dearden
Starring: Jack Warner and Dirk Bogarde

A respected police officer is shot in a robbery and a manhunt is launched to catch his killer

This classic Ealing drama was the inspiration for Dixon of Dock Green and it features a lengthy chase at the end, part of which crosses the Central Line tracks outside White City. There is a good close-up shot of 1923 ‘standard stock’ passing, and the rarely seen tracks of the former GWR Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway are also visible. In addition to this, during a car chase sequence the cars pass down Hythe Road near Willesden Junction, and Mitre Bridge Junction signal box can be glimpsed on the bridge in the background. My thanks extend to reelstreets for the screen captures and the additional information regarding the locations.

This is Hythe Road in London NW10. Mitre Bridge signal box on the West London Line is on the bridge behind
Dirk Bogarde begins his escape from the chasing police by entering a much more dangerous environment. In the background, trolleybuses pass along Wood Lane in front of the White City Stadium whilst just visible down in the slight cutting are the tracks of the Central Line. Meanwhile, the tracks in the foreground are sidings that connected the GWR’s Ealing & Shepherds Bush line with the West London line, seemingly little used even then.
Dirk Bogarde approaches the electrified tracks of the Central Line. The sign says it all. The tracks of the former Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway are just visible top left. The shadow on the right is formed by the bridge carrying Wood Lane across the railway.
Treading very carefully, Dirk Bogarde continues to evade capture. This is looking up from the previous shot, as confirmed by the warning sign on the side of the cutting.
Jimmy Hanley is stopped in his tracks, literally, as he is almost mown down by a train of Standard stock working a Central Line service. Note the right hand running, a curious anomaly of the Central Line at this particular point. A very similar shot appears in Diesels & Electrics on 35mm Volume One.
Now the train has passed, Jimmy Hanley can continue his chase. The building in the background is Unigate’s White City Milk Depot and White City station is just out of shot around the bend to the right.
Dirk Bogarde makes his way back towards a more safer environment. In this slight error of continuity, we are now back on the other side of the tracks, as evidenced by the curve of the Central Line tracks behind. Note the train of Standard stock in the distance, going away from the camera despite its left hand running. The tracks in the foreground once belonged to the Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway.