Image result for The Bliss of Mrs Blossom 1968

1hr 33mins
Dir: Joseph McGrath
Starring: Shirley MacLaine and Richard Attenborough

The wife of a bra manufacturer keeps her lover in the attic

There is a very odd dream sequence in this strange comedy whereby GWR 6100 Class 2-6-2T No.6106 (along with one coach) is ‘painted’ in a swirling psychedelic livery, seen as absolute sacrilege in some quarters! (this was actually a paper style print that was pasted over the rolling stock and then peeled gently away after filming). The filming took place in Taplow Goods Shed, demolished many years ago, but it was the home of 6106 following its withdrawal from Southall Shed on 31st December 1965 and its arrival at Didcot on the 4th November 1967. It has been stated a few times over the years that the scene used the transfer shed at Didcot, home today of course to the Great Western Society, but I have been reliably informed by former secretary of the Society Kevin McCormack that no filming whatsoever took place at Didcot as the GWS did not have access to the site at the time. As well as No.6106, plenty of fake snow and some 16T mineral wagons are thrown in for good measure! Despite all the effort, little in the way of action takes place, and No.6106’s appearance is all too brief. The film was adapted from a play by Alec Coppel that was in turn based on a short story by Josef Shaftel.

Shirley MacLaine stands in the goods shed at Taplow with GWR 6100 Class 2-6-2T No.6106 arriving behind her. Note the ‘wallpaper’ livery’!
Notice from this more elevated view that the locomotive’s livery includes a pair of swans
The former GWR coach was also given a similar psychedelic colour scheme
These 16T minerals look a lot more familiar. The snow and ice was part of the dream.