Image result for The Black Windmill 1974

1hr 20mins
Dir: Don Siegel
Starring: Michael Caine and Janet Suzman

A member of the secret service has his son kidnapped for ransom

This spy thriller features a number of confusing scenes on the London Underground. The journey starts with a shot of the secondary Surrey Street entrance of Aldwych station, followed by the cross-passageways of this entrance, and then a scene filmed on platform 1. The sequence continues with a scene that uses the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn, dressed with Central Line and ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ signage and roundels, although a single ‘Holborn’ one is visible to the trained eye as the train pulls in. The cross-passageways and stairs then seen are again at Aldwych, but the exterior is the actual Shepherd’s Bush. It can probably be inferred from this confusion that the first station was meant to represent an adjacent Central Line one, presumably Holland Park, since the next one in the opposite direction is the above-ground White City. 1959-built tube stock appears in the platform scenes.

Surrey Street, London WC2, with the now closed Aldwych Underground station to the left
Platform 1 at Aldwych station with a train of 1959-built tube stock
This is the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn, masquerading in this instance as Shepherd’s Bush.
This is all we get to see of the entrance to Shepherd’s Bush station, as denoted by the sign just visible on the wall top centre