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1hr 26mins
Dir: Frank Launder
Starring: Joyce Grenfell and Alistair Sim

A headmistress attempts to keep peace at Britain’s most infamous girls’ school

This was the first of a series of five comedy films that were based on the fictional St Trinian’s School. This one features a stock shot of London Paddington station with trains visible in the platforms, a distant shot of a GWR 4-6-0 on an express passing through the countryside, and a brief comedy scene filmed at Seer Green and Jordans station. The platform boarding scene with the ‘school special’ was a studio set.

The stock shot of London Paddington, busy then as now. A very similar view appears in The Mind Benders (1963).
This rather fine shot shows a former GWR 4-6-0 passing a village, thought to be Saunderton
A slightly cropped shot of Seer Green & Jordans station in Buckinghamshire, one of a number of appearances made by this station over the years