1hr 04mins
Dir: Casper Wrede
Starring: John Bennett and Megs Jenkins

A Jewish barber who is fond of telling his customers about his wife and family is in fact a bachelor with few friends

Filmed on a schedule of just twelve days, this short drama is a thoughtful, sensitive portrayal of adult loneliness. It is a slightly-expanded film version of Ronald Harwood’s eponymous 1960 TV play which retained Harwood as writer, and also had the same director, Casper Wrede. Originally shown as part of the ITV Television Playhouse series, the only actor retained from the TV version was Maxwell Shaw. The film features brief glimpses of the entrances to both Aldgate East and Whitechapel Underground stations.

The enamel sign on the left gives the game away here. John Bennett walks past the entrance to Aldgate East station.
Whilst here we see him buying fruit from a market stall outside Whitechapel station